Health for all

To OACI, good health is the underlying platform for all vitality. Without good health, nothing else can be realized in one’s life and once there is life, it must be nurtured. OACI helps women and children to shape their lives by educating and providing basic health care to them.

OACI has a long history of providing mosquito nets and promoting greater awareness of the need of malaria infection prevention.  OACI’s distribution of mosquito nets is followed by the distribution of vitamins and supplements, which is critical in reducing the occurrence of sickness.

OACI is working with other organizations to advance the prevention and the treatment of Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF) and Rectovaginal Fistula (RVF).  The word “fistula” is a collective medical term for any abnormal connection between two bodily organs. In the case of obstetric fistula it is the result of pressure exerted by the head of the fetus on the pelvis during obstructed labor, a force that interrupts the blood flow to nearby tissues in the mother’s pelvis (cited from The World Health Organization who has described fistula as “the single most dramatic aftermath of neglected childbirth“).
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OACI distributes information on sexually-transmittable diseases and the danger of HIV/AIDS by working collaboratively with specialized organizations.

Water for all

OACI aims to provide water wells, enabling families to have access to healthy water and allowing children to meet desired educational and health requirements.