Our Areas of Focus

  • Education
    • Vocational Training
      Sewing training (embroidery, tapestry, needle point, etc.) and equipment for women, enabling them to have a source of income as a means to support their families. This will enable them to have a source of income in order to support their family).
    • Agriculture/Environmental Education
      Supporting local empowerment and greater self-sufficiency through land  conversion and revitalization.  Promoting education in the areas of soil cultivation, soil nutrients rebuilding, and soil replenishment (i.e., restoration of rough soil into arable plots).
  • Health
    • Malaria
    • Fistula
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Water  Wells
      • Collaborate with organizations constructing wells in West Africa and in other developing countries.
  • Micro-Finance
    • Develop micro-finance projects to allow women to start small businesses.